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Green/Eco Communities Real Estate

Austin is a liberal dot on the map in a conservative state and one of the things the city’s residents are renowned for is their environmental consciousness. Something to note – In the 1980s, the city council started rating homes for energy efficiency. Recent trends toward green building have led to several eco-conscious neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are sprinkled around the city from the Mueller Development on the East Side to the spare, hip and modern Agave. Many of the new condo buildings downtown have achieved a high energy efficiency rating from the City of Austin. SOL, a neighborhood just a few miles east of downtown Austin, utilizes technology and good design to achieve Net Zero* energy – meaning they can produce as much energy as they consume.

There are many ways to “Green your Home.” By definition, it’s a home built with eco-friendly products and materials. Here are just a few ideas: use low or no-VOC paint, energy efficient windows, stone walls to keep out the heat and keep in the cool, and xeriscape with native plants using a drip irrigation system. Another technique to save on those high energy bills is to situate homes in an east-west orientation to help keep out the heat. Energy efficient appliances such as dishwasher, tank-less hot water heaters and washer and dryers can be purchased with Energy Star ratings.

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