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Belvedere in Austin, TX

It is not often that one can associate luxury living with nature consciousness. Usually the two are seen as being on opposite ends of the spectrum. However, in the beautiful community of Belvedere in Austin, TX, individuals who have a taste for lavish living quarters yet want to be conscious of the needs of our environment can find the home of their dreams. This trend-setting community has shown the world that a luxurious lifestyle does not have to come at the expense of our natural habitat. Residents of Belvedere feel like they are on vacation every day of the year in their beautifully well-kept community.

Belvedere in Austin TX

Belvedere Real Estate

Belvedere boasts some of the most beautiful homes in all of Texas. Each home has gorgeous, spacious rooms that excite all who enter. Each home is surrounded by a native landscape giving the community a kind of spa-like beauty that is not seen in any other communities. Belvedere homes meet the luxurious expectations of those seeking a lavish lifestyle and a residence to match.

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The Community of Belvedere

Belvedere’s environmentally conscious features are what set it apart from other communities across the United States. Where else can one find a beautiful and luxurious community that features a 75-acre nature preserve, a rain harvest system, fishing pond and nature trails? All of these features are designed to help the community maintain an energy-saving environment. Belvedere was able to successfully accomplish this while still maintaining a luxurious feel to the entire area. No other community can give residents this type of environment the way Belvedere can.

Families are able to enjoy the great outdoors within this community as some of the amenities include: a wonderful children’s play area, social gathering areas, barbeque grills, and lazy river for some water-filled fun. Belvedere is conveniently located 30 minutes outside of downtown Austin where families can enjoy a plethora of activities, restaurants, and events that enhance the fun and excitement of living in such an amazing area.

Belvedere has to be considered one of the most amazing places to live on earth. As people come to visit this area of Austin, TX they should prepare to be amazed.

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