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The Red River Rivalry: What to Watch Out For

No greater challenge faces the Texas Longhorns this season than the Red River Rivalry football game. Facing a 3-season loosing streak to the Oklahoma Sooners, Mack Brown and his players are pitted against a “must-win” challenge in order to keep their Big 12 hopes alive this year. Set to kickoff at 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 12th, the Longhorns have a number of things to fix before they’re ready to face their longtime rivals.

Red River Rivalry Details:

  • Location: Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX
  • Time & Date: 11 a.m. on Saturday (Oct 12, 2013)
  • Tickets: Starting at $90
  • Teams: Texas Longhorns vs Oklahoma Sooners
Texas Longhorns
by Phil Roeder

3 Things the Longhorns Need to Fix Before Game

With recent news that the University of Texas talked to the agent of Nick Saban (Alabama’s Coach), Mack Brown has faced increasing pressure to perform well or step down. With an array of team injuries and problems, Mack has an uphill battle to climb and fix before the big game. If he wants to get the Longhorns back on track, there are some things he needs to fix beforehand.

1. Solve the Quarterback Situation

As David Ash was diagnosed with a second concussion just 2 weeks before the Longhorn’s biggest game, Mack needs to have Tyrone Swoopes ready to face the Sooners if Ash can’t play. Though he’s a freshman, he’s considered to be one of the team’s best players (especially with the “howitzer” hanging off his right shoulder). He may have the raw traits needed to play one of the toughest teams in the league, but Mack Brown needs to get him trained for what he might be facing. Swoopes might even be the card the Sooners won’t be ready for.

2. Cure the Linebackers Gap

With Jordan Hicks out for the season, the Longhorns have a long way to go before their defensive line is improved. Strengthening their weak sides will take some innovation, though which candidate is best is still up for grabs. Kendall Thompson only has the same amount of tackles as backup tackle Desomnd Jackson while Tevin Jackson has yet to see play time.

3. Race Away from Slow Starts

For the last 4 games this season, the Longhorns have limped out of the gate. They’ve only managed to recover twice at that, so getting off to a fast start will be their one saving grace to creating an upset in Dallas. The Sooners won’t be unforgiving if the Longhorns take 28 minutes to score. If the Longhorns aren’t ready to push right out the gate, they will be facing an increasingly difficult game.

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