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This Month in Real Estate [September 2013]

Preparations before listing your home

Continuing with our monthly updates, we first take a look at the new housing numbers. Home sales activity is at an annual pace of 5.4 million. Of those houses, their median home price was at $214,000. Those median home prices are at an increase from last year by +13.7%, but are slightly down from last month’s prices by -.2%.

With many sellers looking to update their homes before going to market, there are often many questions of where to start. Here are the 3 most popular home renovations owners make:

  • Adding a Fresh Coat of Paint
  • Installing New Flooring
  • Updating Lighting Fixtures

These changes are made because sellers know that homes in the best condition often fetch the highest prices. But are these changes right for your house?

Upgrading too many things in your home might have an impact on your bottom line, so be wary of what changes you may want to make and what changes you need to make. Buy new features or fixtures with the customer’s viewpoint in mind. Remember, even if the new upgrade does not fall under your tastes, the upgrades are not for you. Make sure that all of the new additions increase your return on investment and they are worth your time and energy.

As always, contact your local real estate professional with any inquiries about which measures you should take to help you at the closing table.


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