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    Home Organization for Your Back to School Woes

    It is finally time for the kids to head back to school in Austin, Texas and all across the nation. One of the main issues to come up with families is the constant mess that the house is in during the early weeks of the school year. This is the time when everyone must rearrange their schedules from the lazy days of summer back to early morning bus stops, afternoon pick-ups, and evening sports practice.

    Getting used to a new hectic schedule can be hard to do, especially if you have more than one child to keep up with. Here are a few tips for Austin parents to consider that may help make the first few days of school less stressful for everyone.

    Organize Schedules with a Family Calendar

    Home Calendar in Austin TX
    by Dijeau Poage Construction

    Most people already have a wall calendar or two inside their home that helps them keep up with birthdays or upcoming appointments. These can help with organization, but they usually provide limited space if you need to plan out a very detailed daily schedule.

    If you require more space than your picturesque calendar provides, you can opt to use a day planner or large desktop calendar instead. This allows plenty of space for all those important upcoming school events to be penciled in. If you would rather have something that is more appealing to the eye, you can use chalk paint to create your own decorative family calendar to be displayed in any room in your home.

    Designate an Area in the Home as a Homework Station

    Doing homework can be very tedious, especially when you are surrounded by all the things that you love to do. If your child seems to be distracted by the TV, their toys, or video games when they are supposed to be doing math or writing down definitions, you should designate a quiet space in your home for homework. If you have an extra room that is not being used, create a study room filled with books, school supplies, and a computer that is to be used only for homework assistance.

    Purchase a Quality Memo Board

    Even though a family calendar can help you stay organized, there are times when you simply need to write something down quickly in order to remember it. Buying a large dry erase board, cork board, or combination of both can allow you to write down grocery items, keep up with wedding invitations or birthday parties, and display artwork or spelling words for an upcoming test. Place the memo board in a place where it is visible to everyone and keep plenty of pens, dry erase markers and thumbtacks nearby.

    Create a Space for School Paperwork

    Kids bring home countless amounts of worksheets and graded assignments along with memos from teachers and reminders for upcoming events. While some things can be put in the trash, there will always be plenty left behind that you will need to hold on to. Use a sort in/sort out system that is commonly used for mailing off bills and letters to organize your paperwork. Keep important papers that need to be returned in a safe place so that they will not be misplaced or forgotten about.

    Organizing the Back to School Mess

    The beginning of the school year can bring on plenty of stress and many parents feel like they can never find enough time to take care of their daily tasks. Tending to these needs at the early part of the school year can cause your home to end up in a mess. But by trying out these helpful tips, you will be able to get your kids off to school each day and welcome them back to a clean and organized home. If you still feel like you need a bigger home to create additional space for you and your children, search our current homes for sale today!

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