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Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Austin Home

Halloween is fast approaching and the season for decorating is in full swing. If you live in the Austin area, you’re probably already aware that the city goes all out for the holiday. It’s the one time children go trick-or-treating and knocking on doors, so what better way to add excitement than dressing up your home for Halloween. To help you get started, here a few decorating ideas you can employ on your Austin home:

Austin Halloween Home Decorations
by Between Naps on the Porch

Make a Kid-Friendly Halloween Home

It can be important to remember that Halloween is primarily a holiday for children. You may want to think about whether you can add some cute decorations that younger kids may enjoy. Think about carving pumpkins with familiar characters. There are actually many stencil designs out there that can help people get the perfect look for their pumpkin. You might be interested in how you can get your kids making some homemade crafts. They could make origami bats or other decorations that will spark their interest.

Sends Chills With Scary Decorations

Some people will also want to think about how they can incorporate a new look for their homes. Think about setting up a scarecrow in your yard, which may be stood up using a pole. When the night comes, it may be harder to see this scarecrow until you are close up to it. This can catch many people by surprise, which can cause them to get a little startled. You might also want to drape ghosts from the trees near your walkway, since this can also have a similar effect.

Autumn Themed Decorations

You might also be surprised by how festive just a few simply Autumn decorations can change the style of your house. These typically go along with what you see during the holiday season, which is appealing to many people trying to get their house ready for Halloween. Think about adding some Fall colored leaves around your home. You might also be interested in buying bales of hay to set up around your yard. These will be immediately recognizable by people who have grown up in the greater Austin area.

Set the Mood with Halloween Lighting

Holiday lights aren’t only for Christmas anymore. With the right color, you can add an “eerie feeling” around your home, just as kids are walking up. Halloween lights can cast long shadows out on to your driveway and help to play tricks on the people who stop by your home. Look for orange or red tinted lights that you can place around your home.

Decorating Your Home for Halloween

With Austin real estate, it’s easy to utilize the large front yards and spacious porches to your advantage. Though, there are plenty more Halloween decorating ideas, we hope this will get you started thinking about the holiday. It’s always fun to see how homes around the area dress up their property and show off the holiday spirit. If you aren’t planning on hosting any trick-or-treaters this year and want to attend a local party, read our article: Austin’s Best Halloween Parties.

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