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How to Grow a Container Salad Garden in Austin, TX

Living healthy has always been a central focus for Austin, TX. For those who have very little space, growing a salad bowl garden is a great option. This type of garden can be grown almost anywhere — along steps, beneath a window sill, on a patio, or on a balcony. This specific type of garden allows you to grow exactly the items that you prefer to go into your favorite salads. Living in Austin has benefits that allow you to grow salad items almost year-round. Because of summer’s intense heat, there are limits to what can be grown midsummer. Here’s how you can get started growing your own container garden at your Austin home:

Austin TX Container Salad Garden
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The Benefits of Salad Bowl Gardening

Most people understand that there are many health benefits from eating a salad. Growing your own garden allows you to control exactly what goes into the soil and into the plants that you grow. Salad bowl gardening is ideal for condos and townhouses with limited space for gardening.

Supplies Needed:

  • seeds for the plants of your choice (or seedlings from your local garden center)
  • peat pots for starting some plants
  • potting soil (moisture control is best for this climate)
  • containers to plant your garden in
  • 2 types of fertilizer (a liquid to start your plants and a slow release to mix in your soil)
  • a planting guide (optional)

How to Grow Your Salad Bowl Garden

Fall is a great time to grow many types of vegetables in this region. You can grow a variety of vegetables that cannot be grown during the intense heat of midsummer. Choose the type of container that best suits your needs and establish a sunny spot (at least 6 hours) to place your garden. An elevated planter on wheels makes it easy to reach, water, and care for your garden. The wheels allow you to be able to move it whenever needed.

Each container can be planted with a variety of vegetables for your salad, such as various types of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and cucumbers. You might even like to add some special herbs that could enhance your salad’s flavor. At any rate choose the items that you love most in your garden salad.

When filling your containers remember to make sure there are holes for proper drainage. Line the bottom of your containers with rocks or broken pieces of pottery to ensure the drainage is good. Fill the container with your moisture control potting soil, leaving enough room for those plants you started growing indoors. Arrange your plants so that the largest ones will be in the center leaving the smaller ones to go around the outside edges. It would be wise to plant containers in intervals to extend your garden throughout the winter and early spring seasons. In other words, don’t plant your entire garden at one time. Start a couple new containers 2 weeks apart. In this way you’ll always have vegetables for your salads when you want them. Many leafy veggies can be harvested over and over. Water adequately, but be sure not to over water. Cover the top of your soil with moss or mulch to keep the moisture in as your plants grow.

Gardening in Austin, TX

Salad bowl gardening can be very rewarding, especially if you have taken the time to set everything up correctly. The best part of this type of gardening is that you generally don’t have a problem with weeds. You simply have to water when necessary and fertilize every 2 weeks to ensure healthy growth of your plants.

Find the Right Home for Your Container Garden

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