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    Black Friday Real Estate Deals in Austin, TX

    When we hear about Black Friday, we often think of massive shopping days in malls and long lines at checkout counters. But Black Friday isn’t only geared for regular shopping. Often, real estate offers many potential deals that could go in line with the shopping holiday. To see how Black Friday may benefit home buyers in Austin, consider these points:

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    Real Estate Black Friday Specials in Austin, TX

    Many realtors are scrounging during winter to find tenants to take over leases and buyers to purchase vacant homes. The longer a home stays vacant, the more expensive the property becomes for the realtor, property manager, or homeowner to keep. A potential buyer can take advantage of this and send offers in their favor, since homeowners will be desperate to sell.

    Many concessions will be made during Black Friday to give prospective buyers the added incentive to make that purchase as well. During this time of year, a home buyer could see sellers throw in other deals to attract a buyer’s interest. These could include covering the closing costs, putting the home’s furniture with the purchase, or gift certificates.

    It is possible that a prospective home buyer may see home sellers dropping their prices anywhere between $2000 to $10,000. This is very typical during the holiday season. Those looking to sell their homes during the winter will usually offer an incentive for someone to purchase their home because there are not many prospects. Over 40% of sellers said they would likely accept an offer during the Black Friday time.

    Buying a Home during Black Friday

    With home prices increasing, Thanksgiving weekend would be a great time to find great deals on homes. Why would someone want to wait when they can get a better deal over the Thanksgiving holiday? If you are already serious about purchasing a home, take advantage of the special offers sellers are giving during Thanksgiving. If you’d like to learn more about buying a home in Austin, feel free to contact us with any questions or search our available listings here:

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