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    Austin’s Inner-Geek: The Gigabot 3D Printer

    It wasn’t long ago that the printer was a technological marvel to have in your home. From printing out your children’s high school essays to getting a copy of tonight’s concert tickets, the printer has made a lasting impact for our home living experience. But an Austin startup company, re:3D, is making an even deeper change to this home technology. They’re introducing the world to the Gigabot 3D printer — and we’re not talking about making little 3D cubes either. We’re talking about making models of our bones or figurines of our superheros, all in the comfort of your home.

    Practical applications are endless. Think about the next time you have to give a presentation at work. You can walk into the office with a 3D model in hand, ready to impress your boss. Think about every time you are asked to help with your child’s science project. No longer do you need to draw complex diagrams on a poster board. You can easily print out 3D models of celled organisms or display impressive representations of ancient habitats.

    The role and ability of the home printer is changing fast — and it’s starting in Austin. It’s something to proud about and it’s something to think about when adding on to your home. Check out this video for an awesome presentation on the Gigabot 3D printer. [For more information about re:3D, click here]


    Home Living in Austin

    Austin is lucky to be on the cusp of a technological revolution, not only in gadgets and hardware, but also in how we live. The Gigabot 3D printer is just another example of how Austin is improving the way we live. Google Fiber will soon be introduced to the city, offering residents a faster and better connection to the internet (Gigabyte service rather than megabyte). And Austin startups are continuing to invent and create new things. If you love the entrepreneurial spirit of Austin, make sure you have the right place to call home. Check out our current home listings below:

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