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Easy Tips to Hang Holiday Lights

Holiday lights transform ordinary homes into brilliant showplaces. By strategically placing blinking, non-blinking, color-changing and other lights around the home, a house becomes a holiday display. Where, how and what kind of lights to use are questions that leave many homeowners scratching their heads. Many neighborhoods Austin, are home to wonderful displays that tourists travel to see each year.

Austin Christmas Lights
Photo by George Deputee

Where and How to Hang Outdoor Holiday Lights

There are different types of outdoor lights that withstand the elements and work well. Solar and conventional lights are widely available and affordable. Use one type of light or any combination to light up your landscape and home.

The traditional place to hang lights is around the fascia of the house, just below the roof shingles. Outdoor light clips make this a quick and easy job. Many clips attach to the fascia with screws and are clear in color. This way they remain fixed to the house all year and hanging lights year after year is a snap.

Use solar powered lights for trees, shrubs and mailboxes in order to avoid several cords crisscrossing your yard and driveway. The solar panel charges a lithium-ion battery that powers the lights at night; a sensor detects the lack of light, or sundown, and turns the lights on. No one has to remember to run outside and turn on lights and helps to reduce electrical costs.

When hanging holiday lights in trees or shrubs, use wire twist ties instead of wire or tape that needs cutting. You will avoid damaging the lights, wires or the plant. Begin at the top of the plant and work your way down.

Interior Holiday Light Basics

Displaying inside lights is easy with holiday light hangers. Some hangers attach to the wall with a removable adhesive strip; after the season ends, pull the strip and remove the hanger. You can hang holiday lights on the Christmas tree with a timer that turns the string off when you go to bed. Begin at the top as with the outside lights and work your way to the bottom.

Lights can be displayed on staircase railings, around the inside perimeter of windows, around the ceiling edges in rooms and on doors, making your home a wonderland of lights.

Whether you are hanging lights inside or outside, always follow the manufacturer’s directions. Never string together more sets than the packaging suggests. Do not drive nails through the wire; this can cause the current to arc and start a fire. If wiring is cracked or old, do not wrap electrical tape around it and keep using it. Discard it and use a new set. It is advisable to check with local ordinance boards before setting up your display. Your Austin, TX, home will be brilliant inside and out.

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