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5 Future Home Technologies to Consider

Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever you entered your Austin, TX home after a long day at work, your lights automatically turned on and your favorite electronics or other devices would power on just by hearing the sound of your voice? This may sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but believe it or not, there are many home technologies out there that can make the same or similar notions possible. Here are the top five technologies that we will be able to see inside homes for sale in the future, which may be closer than we think.

Google Fiber

Super High-Speed Internet Connection

With the introduction of gigabyte internet from Google Fiber, Austin is already on the cusp of an internet-speed revolution. The powerful gigabit fiber connections allow unimaginable speeds that make home internet use more practical than ever before. These services feature the baseline bandwidth that is needed for busy home networks to run a regular internet connection, play online games through gaming consoles, stream HD movies and TV shows, and enjoy special features via Blu-Ray players. Internet services like these are able to offer data transmission speeds of up to 7Gbps. This is the type of speed that we will need in the years to come in order to operate complex home technology devices and run cloud services.

Smart Thermostat Technology

Many homeowners are interested in finding out ways to lower the cost of heating or cooling their home. Smart thermostats give you the power to have total control over your thermostat by applying personal settings to fit your own lifestyle. Products such as the Nest learning thermostat allow you to set your heat or air to shut off while you are not home. The Nest will detect your daily routine and adjust its settings when necessary. Even if you come home for lunch on a work day or for a special occasion, the Nest will be able to pick up on your behavior as well and begins to heat up or cool down your home until it reaches your desired temperature.

Centralized Entertainment Options

The internet is helping to solve many of the problems that cable-TV providers have yet to do. Video streaming is quickly becoming the preferred option for paid content and many devices have already hit the market to provide this service. The Roku and Boxee boxes offer a simple and easy way for users to watch streaming content from Hulu, Youtube, and Netflix through their T.V. Gaming consoles can also offer similar services as well.

Personal Health Tools

With all the advancements in technology, personal health management should not be left out of the equation. Devices like the FitBit are able to automatically measure and log important health-related information over the course of a day and can be clipped onto clothing or a wristband. Another household item that can now be used to monitor your health is the bathroom scale made by Withings. This scale monitors your weight, BMI, and body fat, then stores it on your computer using a browser interface. Other health related tools to look for include blood glucose monitoring systems that plug into iOS devices and networked blood pressure monitors.

Personal Content Devices

Personal devices such as smartphones and tablets have provided a way for us to stay connected to the things we love. Now we can look for electronic gadgets such as Smart TVs that can take care of large scale or group content experiences. Just like e-books and tablets have changed the way that we read books, Smart TVs are expected to change our entire home entertainment experience by linking together internet content with streaming online movies and video game consoles.

Your Austin, TX Home

In order for a home of the future to stay up to date and remain fully useful, several of these new technologies will need to be installed. Many of these devices have already been installed in homes across the nation and have helped enhance the sale’s price and overall value of the property. For more information about your home’s value, contact us or use our free home valuation tool:


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