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101 Ways To Leverage compiled by Wendy Papasan, Papasan Properties Group, Keller Williams Realty


  1. Hire a housekeeper and have them come every Friday so that if you have company, you can look neater than you are.
  2. Get a spouse that can cook
  3. Buy a Crock pot and use it to plan meals on Sunday
  4. Buy household items in bulk
  5. Amazon Subscribe and Save for all reoccurring house hold item purchases.
  6. Amazon Prime with 2-day free shipping for random stuff so you aren’t running all over town. i.e. printer Ink, the sketchbook your 9-year-old needs for school.
  7. Showering or bathing WITH my children (not recommended for teenagers)
  8. Grocery delivery – Instacart or personal shopper for your grocery store
  9. Hire a babysitter to ferry kids from to activity to activity and stay home with them on days they are home after school so we can actually hang out. Time block the most quality time with them possible.
  10. Hire a personal assistant who can run errands, picks up kids from school, pay bills, pick up 
dry cleaning, etc.)
  11. Dry cleaning delivery service
  12. The Cozy App to organize our home life.
  13. Hire someone to mow your lawn.
  14. Hire someone to clean your fish tank.
  15. Hire someone to pick up your dog poo.
  16. Make your kids to more chores
  17. Set up autopay for your bills.
  18. Make/return phone calls while waiting for kids at their activities.
  19. Walk around the field or trail while kids are at sporting event practice to work in the exercise.
  20. Hire a neighbor kid to pick weeds
  21. Brush the dog while watching a sunset.
  22. Walk your dog while passing out flyers in the neighborhood.
  23. Hire a personal organizer to help you organize your home
  24. Listen to audio books while exercising or driving
  25. Hire a home assistant for however many days/week to clean, do the laundry, keep our girls, & does every odd and end task I could ask for….AND…she is on call for parties and 
  26. Create menu boards – My kids love this and look forward to planning and helping prep for 
the week
  1. Prep meals Sunday night with a glass of wine and your spouse. Chop veggies for dishes, 
make casseroles, chili, whatever. Freeze and use for grab and go meals when the kids OR 
you have sports/activities. Keep the calendar & menu board front and center in your kitchen – it’s a household 
command center
  2. Food delivery!
  3. Commando cooking – make 8 meals on a weekend. Freezer full of great meals and made 
the weeks easy.
  5. Take out
  6. After school care
  7. Buy a robot vacuum for in-between cleaning
  8. Plan food or household item shopping trips between or after clients when you arealready in the area
  9. Hire a good live-in nanny Use the delay start function on the washing machine, so that the load finishes just as I wake 
up in the morning. Then into dryer while I get ready to leave. Fold and make kids put away, 
laundry done.
  10. Read while your kids do their homework, sit at the table together or in the living room,
  11. Walk the dog with your spouse so we can catch up on the day together
  12. Fold clothes while watching TV
  13. Exercise while watching TV
  14. Buy birthday presents for your kids friend’s parties in advance when on sale.
  15. Hire a personal trainer to come to your house for weekly work out sessions
  16. Use clothes shopping shortcuts. will send you a box of clothes each month in 
your style/size. Keep what you like, send back what you don’t.
  17. Keaton Row is free, they pick looks for you based on your style preferences and all you have to do is buy online with free shipping and returns.
  18. Utilize a Nordstrom personal stylist. It’s free, and many other stores, like J Crew have this 
  19. Create a 15-minute project list of items that can be done in a few minutes. Give it to your 
spouse during half-time. For example, change light bulbs, put folded clothes away, hang 
  1. Buy and keep with you at all times a notebook to organize your home life. It can have your list of home updates/repairs, maintenance, shopping for kids parties
  2. Time block for personal errands. For example, every Thursday morning for 2 hours do my 
errands – birthday cards, gifts, dry cleaning drop off, bank runs, etc.
  3. Easily do app for my iphone.
  4. Handy List apps for your phone that can be shared with spouse and personal assistant.
  5. Dry Shampoo for when you just don’t have time to wash your hair
  6. Cook at least 3 dinners for the week on Sundays. Casseroles. And on the other days, start a crock pot meal before leaving in the morning for work!
  7. Shower every other day
  8. Time block “YOU TIME” so you don’t burn out on the business you love
  9. Facebook lead generation during a pedicure
  10. Deposit checks via your bank’s mobile app. No more driving to the bank!
  11. Use vendors (photographers/inspectors/etc) with lockbox access so you don’t have to meet them there.
  12. Use a courier services for delivering brochures or other paperwork.
  13. – Outsource household errands and skilled tasks to trusted 
people in your community.
  14. Create email templates for FAQs from clients.
  15. Meet w/multiple past clients together for coffee or wine – call it a Millionaire Mocha and talk 
about wealth building.
  16. Meet w/multiple first time buyers at the same time – for a first time buyer information session.
  17. Use Hootsuite once a week/ every two weeks to schedule specific work related social media posts for work. Now my VA does it
  18. Get a Virtual Assistant to help with regular, repetitive tasks. They can do almost anything!
  19. Outsource putting up or taking down key box and signs; if you do not outsource, take your kids with you while doing it.
  20. Make a video for every question you are asked over again in your business so you never have to type it in an email or explain it in person again.
  21. Hire a Property manager if you own rental properties
  22. Hire a driver, so you can keep up on work, emails or chat with clients.
  23. Stay out of your email before 11 am.
  24. Have a uniform for real estate so you don’t spend so much time thinking about what to wear
  25. Have a focus day for Dr. appointments, chores, shopping.
  1. Get off of Facebook, social media, aimless web-surfing for a few days each week. Have a separate web browser for social media sites where your passwords don’t auto populate to make it harder to log on.
  2. Have a place for everything and don’t waiver. No more looking for your keys.
  3. Have extra supplies on hand (paper, printer ink) so you don’t run out when you need it most.
  4. Hired a VA “Dream Manager” to leverage accountability and forward movement of my life 
 dreams. I had one call a week for half an hour to “unload” – usually while driving – and have 
her create action items and follow up to keep things moving forward.
  5. Hire a coach to keep you accountable for your productivity
  6. Bookkeeper for payroll taxes & monthly P&L report
  7. Have your assistant go through your emails before you do and put the important ones in a folder for you
  8. Make calls while in route to appointments.
  9. Delegate buyer leads to a showing asst/agent.
  10. Hire someone to help with postcard mailings
  11. Hire someone to post on Facebook for you.
  12. Hire someone to update your website
  13. Client appreciation parties
  14. Afterschool Manager. In charge of school pickup, AS snacks, homework(!!), prep then drop off at AS activity.
  15. Headset in car when driving to make my calls
  16. Listen to Agent Mountain while doing my hair and make up in the morning,
  17. Delete old emails while in the doctors office waiting,
  18. Hire somebody 4 hours/day Monday-Thursday to clean, do laundry, and cook the nightly dinner.
  19. I use Stitch Fix | An Online Personal Styling Service for Women and internet shopping for most of my shopping so I rarely if ever go to a clothing store.
  20. We use for 2-3 meals/week.
  21. We have a live in nanny and have for the past 11 years. We use the au pair program.
  22. Make a Not To Do list, work and personal and see who you can have take care of these things
  23. Run phones on google voice. If I am not available for a call, and the person leaves a vm, I have my email set to forward all vms to my ea and isa who call get back to them right away.
  24. I work on mindset and growth while I’m at the gym in the morning by listening to audio books on my iphone while I work out. This allows me to accomplish some “reading” goals that I may not otherwise have time for.
  25. I have 3 kids so they each cook dinner once a week
  1. My daughter 19 works for me while going to college, she drops off/ picks up my boys, buys groceries, she also tags properties for my investor acct.
  2. During lead gen my cell is forwarded to my assistant.
  3. I write a to-do list every morning and email it to my assistant by 6am.
  4. Hire a showing specialist to show property.
  5. When training my assistant preps class room for me so I can just walk in.
  6. Teach your kids to pick up after themselves and help out around the house.
  7. Have Pre-set shopping lists with at Stop&Shop and have groceries delivered a certain time weekly. I can have my assistant submit too! I also have them ordered & scheduled for the delivery any time we come back from vacation. They even bring them in!
  8. Have laundry picked up at my house for dry cleaning
  9. Pool guy
  10. I do a menu board weekly and Pre chop etc meals Sunday night. I sometimes (and need to get better), make enough to double the portion and freeze half. That’s a lot for this family of 6.
  11. I have my assistant mail out all birthday invites.
  12. My kids love homemade cupcakes, I have an older retired friend that loves to bake so she makes them all for me for their bday
  13. My assistants get my coffee for me upstairs every morning so I’m not distracted talking to people etc and help me build my bunker to lead generate.
  14. Have a Pre planned babysitter for date night monthly
  15. My listing coordinator preps all market analysis
  16. My licensed transaction coordinator attends and preps for all appraisals
  17. My lawn care guy who also plants and tends to my vegetable and flower gardens (he shops for the seeds, plants, maintains and harvests them).
  18. I’ve got a personal bookkeeper who handles bill payment and personal budget.
  19. I have a gal who comes over and helps with parties whenever I have something going on at the house (she’s a mom at the kids’ school).
  20. My kids do their own laundry #leverage, and they get a nice allowance (based on grades and sports) so they handle their own shopping for their own stuff via amazon (they’ve got their own bank accounts with their own debit cards), which gets delivered to them (I don’t take them to stores hardly ever.)
  21. We’ve got a shared Google family calendar and they enter their own schedules for school, birthday parties and sports on that, which keeps me informed of what all they’ve got going on. Self-sufficient kids = leverage.
  22. Pick out your outfit the night before.
  23. Snow removal providers.
  24. My drycleaner sewed on all the badges on my girls’ scout uniforms.
  25. Kid leverage includes them taking their lunch sacks out as soon as they get home, emptying and reloading with snacks for the next day. I lay bread, knife & baggies

121. Hired my Mom as my personal assistant for 3 hours per week. She’s retired and likes the extra money and that she’s helping me. I have her do things like: pick up prescriptions, grocery shop, return things that don’t fit, water my plants, unload my dishwasher, empty my compost bucket, go to the bank, go to the post office, pick up my dog at doggie daycare, and so forth.


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9 Responses to “101 Ways To Leverage compiled by Wendy Papasan, Papasan Properties Group, Keller Williams Realty”

  • Moore
    Written on


    Thanks for sharing…your panel at FR led by Jay was great….thanks for sharing these and will certainly use them and share them!

    Ginny Moore

  • Thank you Wendy and team! I enjoyed your breakout session at FR16, Big Business; Bigger Life. I am a mom building a business and these tips will come in handy!

  • You have shared some awesome ideas, Wendy… Thank you! Although I have been in the business for many years, I still suffer from over-expectation-itus… a disease that keeps me from turning over “any” part of my business to someone else. Not that I haven’t tried. But I will study your list and see which ones I can implement. What comes first… the chicken or the egg? The assistant or the income to hire an assistant?

  • Wendy, thank you for this! Awesome list and some things I never thought of! Appreciate you sharing. Have a great day! I’m never too busy for your Dallas area referrals 🙂

  • These are excellent ideas to leverage your time and resources better. Thanks for the great presentation today here in Minneapolis; it was excellent.

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